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  • $11.99 Christmas My Favorite Time Of The Year (Preorder)
    Preorder "Christmas My Favorite Time Of The Year" and SAVE $3 per CD ordered. Enjoy this collection of some of Paul's favorite Christmas standards along with his own new Christmas classics that he has penned. You're gonna...

  • Living By The Book (CD)
    $14.00 Living By The Book (CD)
    Lost and Found He Is Risen Dig Another Well Everybody Needs Your Touch Living by the Book Steady Working Oh Why I Will Carry My Cross for You God Is Good All the Time Until We Know Heart of My Heart Wise Men...

  • My Favorite Demos - Volume 1
    $18.98 $9.98 My Favorite Demos Volume 1 (CD)
    Country Life Baby That's A Good Thing One Thing Right Kennesaw Cove This Ocean Like A Rodeo Shut Up Honey Money Rednecks On A Bus This if the first of a two CD series. My Favorite Demos is an amazing collection...

  • My Favorite Demos Volume 2 (CD)
    $18.98 $9.98 My Favorite Demos Volume 2 (CD)
    Rockin In the Country Blank Sheet of Paper Gypsy Somebody's Fallin' In Love Jolie Old Antiques You and Me Got Somethin' Together She's Way Too Good For Me I Loved You If you don't have this in your Paul...

  • My Favorite Demos Volumes 1 & 2 (CD)
    $24.00 $16.00 My Favorite Demos Volumes 1 & 2 (CD)
    Special bundle price!!! Buy both CD's and save!

  • Something For The Road (CD)
    $15.00 Something For The Road (CD)
    I've had some of these songs for quite a while and I know it's taken me a long time to put it together. I would like to say that many of these songs are of a humorous nature and are meant to bring a smile to you. Most of...