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http://chordoverstreet.net/     (Paul's son Chord Overstreet, new album OUT NOW! Actor played role of "Sam" on tv show Glee 

www.bmi.com   (performing rights organization for writers)


How can I order tracks for Paul's songs?

Tracks are available for many of Paul's songs. All tracks are available via download in MP3 format in Paul's store. Just visit the Downloadable Tracks section of the store.

Does Paul have sheet music or guitar tabs available?

No, sheet music and guitar tabs are not available for sale or distribution.

How long does it take for an order to ship from Paul's store?

Most orders ship within 72 hours UP to 14 days of placing your order, unless otherwise noted on website. To expedite the process, just text 615-557-2183 to our order department. They will make sure to get it on the way sooner.

Is Paul in need of musicians?

Not currently.

Can I pay COD for merchandise in Paul's store?

No. We're sorry, we only accept credit card orders via our online store.

How do I go about booking Paul for a concert or event?

To request a booking for a Paul Overstreet performance, please include the name of the event, location, date and time, and what type of event (festival, concert, and/or private corporate event, etc), the budget that you have provided. Please submit your request using our online contact form.  Most of Pauls concerts/bookings are for Private Corporate Events, but they do change, so feel free to request and if Paul has the date open and has interest someone from his staff will contact you.