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Somewhere in the Caribbean

  • Bad on the Beach
    $1.99 Bad on the Beach
    Hey, it's hard to feel bad on the beach! No excuses, when things aren't perfect but your toes are in the sand, just enjoy life!

  • Bahama Blue
    $1.99 Bahama Blue
    Sometimes, (not often) you can still be lonely even in the most beautiful places.

  • The sand, the steel drum, the waves...right here in Margarita Land! Enjoy the bonus track! I betcha Buffett would love it!
    $1.99 Buffett Would Love It (Bonus Track)
    Listen to the clever "play on words" in this song that imagines a certain beach location would be perfect for, even, Jimmy Buffett!

  • Cabo Coma
    $1.99 Cabo Coma
    This couple might be enjoying themselves a little too much as they enjoy the beach, but it all turns out great!

  • Fun!Fun!Fun! We cracked a little conch last night!
    $1.99 Cracked A Little Conch Last Night
    Fun! Fun! Fun! The island way, "We cracked a little conch last night!"

  • Makes Me Want A Beach
    $1.99 Makes Me Want A Beach
    Sometinmes the every day things in life can get you down, but the beach ( or even the idea of the beach) can lift your spirits!

  • Makin' Some Waves
    $1.99 Makin' Some Waves
    Sounds like a beautiful afternoon on the ocean with the one you love! You can almost feel the rock of the ocean with this one!

  • Somewhere in the Caribbean
    $1.99 My Baby Baby Goes Bananas
    My Baby Goes Bananas (Over Coconut Trees)Can you say fun, fun, fun? Love going with your "baby" on vacation to wherever the warm breezes take you? Island meets Country and you'll love it.

  • Salt Water Cowboys
    $1.99 Salt Water Cowboys
    Leave it to Paul and Scotty Emerick to bring the cowboys to the islands! Enjoy the ride!

  • Shady People
    $1.99 Shady People
    When you are looking for the positive in life, go where it's sunny! Sunny dispositions and sunny attitudes, and sunny weather!

  • Some Beach
    $1.99 Some Beach
    Come join Paul as he visits the Islands, where "The Warm Breezes" are doing him well!  You can almost taste the salt and feel the sand between your toes!

  • Somewhere Down South
    $1.99 Somewhere Down South
    When things aren't going quite right, remember you can always go "Somewhere Down South"!

  • Somewhere in the Caribbean
    $1.99 Somewhere in the Caribbean
    Lean back and enjoy a trip to the islands! This song talks about someone who makes the best of a bad stiuation by heading to the Caribbean. The warm breezes there will do you well!

  • If you love the beach and love country music, go no further. Enjoy these songs by one of Americas best writers and make it your "go to" music.
    $19.98 Somewhere In The Caribbean Project
    This is a compilation of Paul Overstreet songs written with some of his favorite cowriters about one of his favorite subjects! Sit back, relax and be transported to a fun, casual way of life. Taste the salt in the air, enjoy...

  • Summertime
    $1.99 Summertime
    Visions of love and how beautiful Summertime is. This song will make a movie in your mind.

  • Takin' It Easy
    $1.99 Takin' It Easy
    aaahhh..... the beach!  Take it easy on a journey to the beach, no sunscreen necessary:)