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Sunsets and Songs (Physical CD)

“Sunsets and Songs”

This CD was inspired by Paul's  LIVE videos that he did nightly , on 7 Mile

Beach, on Grand Cayman, while everyone was in "Lock Down".  Paul and Julie stayed behind on the island, not really knowing when they'd get back home.  Every night, Paul would come out to the beach, sing some songs, say hello, and share a LIVE Cayman sunset. We started saying, "See you tomorrow for Sunsets and Songs!" It was about a month before they could leave the island, but they began to realize, for so many people all over the world, this was the only sunset they got to see.  For about an hour each night, we all got to visit, share some music, some beauty and focus on what was good. We made a lot of new friends and reconnected with some old ones. Enjoy this labor of love, "Sunsets and Songs" and sing along!

The 16 track, beach themed album includes BONUS TRACK “The Rest of It’s Mine”! (with Billy Dean). 

Sunsets and Songs (Physical CD)

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