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Sunsets and Songs UPF 50 PINK Ladies V NECK shirt Paul Overstreet

Finally! Our beautiful "Sunsets & Songs" UPF shirts are ready to order! FREE SHIPPING

 Paul and Julie LOVE these shirts and wears them all the time! They wash and wear like a dream. (PLEASWE WASH BEFORE WEARING TO INSURE PROPER WICKING)



About UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor):

To cut the threat of cancer, we must reduce exposure to the sun. Our UPF Shirts are required to be tested to determine the amount of UVA and UVB radiation that it allows to pass through to the skin. This rating is called UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is determined with a standardized test. In contrast, SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a rating that is given to liquid sunscreens for direct application to the skin. UPF numbers are not equal to SPF numbers.

About Liquid Sunscreen:
UVB radiation causes most sunburns. However, UVA radiation passes further into the skin and is thought to cause the most dangerous cancers like melanoma. It is important that your sunscreen protect you from both UVA and UVB.  Therefore look for a broad spectrum sunscreen. Liquid sunscreen may provide effective sun protection for the first 2 or so hours. However, SPF liquid sunscreen has to be re-applied, stains things it comes in contact with, including the boat, your clothing, cups, and gear.

In contrast, long sleeve sun protection shirts with the correct UPF will protect you all day long. The American Cancer Society says that a garment with UPF 40 to 50 will prevent exposure to UVA and UVB and provide all day protection. Combine with UPF 50 Sun Mask UPF 50 sun gloves, wide brimmed hat, UV sunglasses and of course pants for ultimate cancer prevention.

With proper protection, activities in the sun can be a rewarding lifetime pursuit.

M, L, XL WOMENS Sunsets & Songs V NECK Shirts UPF 50

Color (will substitute color if out of stock)
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